The GB Tattoos team are an approachable and friendly bunch of people and we always look forward to creating fantastic pieces of body art.  Get to know us.

Brad at GB Tattoos


I got my first Tattoo in 1985. I've been Tattooed in America, Greece, France, Spain, Canada, Wales and all over England.

I have Tattoos by Leigh Oldcorn, Jason Butcher, Derek Campbell, Randy Adams (USA), Mike Hooligan (USA), Swag (USA), Jamie Eskdale, Julie Clarke, "Grumpy" Mick Narborough (RIP), Lorna Narborough, Justin Nacey, Clive Povey, Iain Trudgill, Keith Goodwin, Dick Want, Joe Dart, Sean Hobden, Zele From Croatia and many others.

I love all styles of Tattoo work and I love my family and my friends and I love my music (fast and loud) and I love Millwall Football Club and my country. Nuff said.


Luke was born and bred to be a Tattoo Artist. His dad is the legendary Essex Tattoo Artist :- Iain Trudgill of Original Bodyworks, who has been practising the art for over 30 years, so Luke practically grew up totally surrounded by Tattoos and Tattoo Artists. Luke has a full Japanese sleeve by Derek Campbell and he enjoys all styles of tattooing but especially Japanese. Due to his Old School upbringing Luke has acquired a vast knowledge of Tattooing and is a welcome member of the GB Tattoos team.

Luke GB Tattoos
Izzy at GB Tattoos


Izzy is our resident receptionist and piercer. She is usually the first face you'll see as you walk into the shop. With an array of different hair colours, she is a chatty and bubbly person with a gentle manner.


Tierney is the latest member of the GB Tattoos team. 


More information about Tierney to come.

Sunset Girl Portrait

Definitely 5 Star and never had a bad experience or tattoo

Gb tattoo is definitely the best tattoo studio around, Brad & Luke's are amazing tattooist and your never be disappointed with there work,


Tattooed Girl On Car

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