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If you want a tattoo or piercing, pay GB Tattoos in Erith a visit today and talk to us about what you are looking for.

Tattoo Artist - Black and grey

We would always advise that you pop into the tattoo studio as it is much easier to understand exactly what it is that you want us to do.  Pop in and tell us your ideas or look at the tattoos that we already have examples of.  We are a friendly team and will always be happy to help.

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Lovely place lovely people 😃

There are not many tattoo shops where I would be comfortable taking my mum !! But, this is one Brad and his team are wonderful !! Although it retains a traditional tattoo parlour feel the people are lovely funny and welcoming. The artwork is excellent and you will find that a large portion of the bookings are repeat business. There cannot be a better recommendation than that.


Woman with a Shoulder Tattoo

Contact Us

215-217 Bexley Road
Northumberland Heath
Erith Kent


Telephone: 01322 330330


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